2015 Ram 1500 Led Headlights: A Detailed Overview of Its Problems and Solutions

Ram truck users have already faced a lot of issues with the headlight assembly. Especially the 2015 dodge RAM users faced it even more. This was the year when the manufactured products came with the CANbus issues. This model was more like the Black sheep of the family when it comes to lighting upgrades. 2015 RAM 1500 LED headlights faced several problems with their headlights because of the PWN system. Most of the users neglect this model of RAM truck, but this model has some specific headlight problems and the reasons behind them. This vehicle uses a CANbus system which stands for Computer Area Network system.

In this blog, let’s discuss Dodge RAM 1500 LED problems, how this specific model created a mess only with its headlight and why users don’t like this.

2015 Ram 1500 Led Headlights Problems

2015 Ram 1500 Led Headlights Problems

Starting in 2015, Dodge decided to change their lighting control and management system. They implemented it in newer models. They replaced PWN with CANbus. At the same time, PWN stands for pulse width modulation. The problem was supposed to solve later in the dealership by using TSB. The problem was that the manufacturer company made the original CANbus to give enough power to the headlight bulbs. The amount of power was all the way down to 11 volts. But now, everything was going well what issues came up and made such a big face?

  • The headlight bulbs start to flicker as it was not getting enough power.

  • A false message, like a bulb, is burnt out, was coming to the dashboard.

  • Sometimes, the headlights refused to turn on.

  • Even if they get turned on and work properly, after 15-20 minutes, the 2015 RAM LED headlights get turned off in an inappropriate manner.

  • Headlamps start to strobe.

  • Crash performance of both of the 2015 ram-led headlights, upper beams, and lower beams.

  • Even both-sided headlights started not to work together.

This was overall, and some specific 2015 ram 1500 LED headlight problems. After all of the problems created a big mess among the users, a lot of companies claimed to solve or fix these problems. However, they did not work, or even if they worked, they failed after some time.

Are The Problems Solved Now?

As we have maintained before, RAM 2015 trucks use a CANbus system. It has already faced a lot of problems. But obviously, every small problem with its headlight has not been solved yet. As a note, many users believe that there are certain processes to avoid flickering or lamp-out issues.

  • The easiest thing that you can do is install CANbus-capable headlights on your vehicle. These types of bulbs are built with extra resistors to use all the features of the bulb.
  • Use a relay harness to avoid this problem. A wiring harness is made to bring the power to the headlight assembly from a direct battery. Relay harnesses can give them the freedom to act independently for power usage.
  • A user can use resistors as a solution to this issue. But for this thing, you need to use high-quality resistors. Because they generally don’t store any code from the lamp-out bulb.
  • Apart from these things, a user can also use capacitors and CANbus ballast. If there is extra voltage, any of the headlamps can burn out. But, if there are capacitors, they will store the extra power. You can use this product when your Dodge RAM LED headlights are flickering.

And if you are facing your RAM headlights and you want to save some of your money, then you can just normally search for the best aftermarket headlights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put LED headlights in my Ram 1500?

Most RAM 1500 trucks come with halogen headlights. But you can upgrade your headlights for more light and clarity.

Where is the headlight relay, Dodge Ram?

Headlight relay is situated in the PDC next to the battery. The fuse box has a cover, and on the flip side of the lid, there is the labeled headlight relay.

How do you reset the lights on a Dodge RAM 1500?

By following these steps, you can reset the check engine light on a Dodge RAM 1500.
➢Find your battery and disconnect the black cable from the negative wire portal.
➢Give your precious 15-20 minutes. By this time, the check engine light should be reset automatically.
➢As the last step, just reconnect the wire or negative cable.

What headlight is in a 2015 Ram 1500?

A 2015 Dodge RAM 1500 uses 9005 as the higher beam and H11 as the lower one. The size of the lower bulb with the projector assembly is 9012

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