Engine Power Reduced – What to Do?

You completely rely on your car in your daily life. It does not matter whether you are going to work or on a trip with family; your car serves every comfort and destination at your own convenience. But everyone should address that it’s a really frustrating situation when you are in a hurry and your car does not agree to get started or perform badly. If your car shows “engine power reduced”, a lot of reasons can be behind this scenario. From spark plugs to the distributor cap, many parts can be the main evil behind this situation. As a result, your car may not accelerate easily.

In this blog, we are going to discuss thoroughly about reduced engine performance, the foremost reasons behind it, and how to bypass it. Have a full look to know why your car engine is performing inappropriately.

What Does “Engine Power Reduced” Mean?

reduced engine performance

Engine power reduction means a situation when your car is not accelerating properly. As a symptom, you may see your “engine power reduced” light has turned on. The “check engine light” may also come up on your dashboard.

Engine power reduction typically means that the car has reduced the engine performance just to avoid getting damaged. A car’s ‘electronic control unit” trigger a signal to start to reduce power mode after detecting system failure. Basically, it indicates to the user that the vehicle has entered into a fail-safe mode.

As a result, your car can trouble you while speeding. It will not be able to get accelerated properly. Even your car’s ECU can degrade the fuel amount to the engine, and it can be non-drivable.

if your engine has reduced it’s performance then as a solution you can just go to a mechanic. if that can be repaired, get it done as soon as possible. if not then you can consider replacing it with a new one. but as a note, new engines cost more than expected. for saving some of your money you can check used engine for sale.

What Does a Reduced Engine Power Warning Light Mean?

In simple language, the engine power warning light is an indication that something has stopped a sufficient amount of fuel and airflow to the engine chambers. It can also be an indication that your car might need maintenance or repair. It does not indicate that your car is about to break down. It means that your car engine needs maintenance, and probably it is a good time for an oil change.

All Of the Reasons Behind Engine Power Reduction

There must be some specific reasons behind engine power reduced issue. A user should know all of them so that they can avoid them the next time for a better result.

  • A lower amount of engine oil can create this problem. Oil lubricates every part of your engine to work properly. Due to low engine oil, the ability of different parts can be reduced, and it can overheat too.
  • All the engine parts are connected through accurate wiring. A damaged or loose cable or terminals can make this problem of reduced engine power.
  • When the catalytic converter gets clogged with co2, nitrogen, or water, it no longer converts the exhaust into power. As a result, a power shortage can happen to your engine.
  • Oxygen sensors calculate the amount of burning fuel, while mass air flow sensors track how much air is entering the engine. A faulty oxygen or mass air flow sensor can create an issue like receiving too little fuel or air. Power shortage can happen in this way also.
  • Spark plugs are installed in your car to give a spark to the electricity. It gives a start to the car. A faulty spark plug can cause an engine to misfire and reduce the power amount to the engine.
  • A distributor circulates and sends electricity to the spark plugs. If the distributor is not working properly, it will not be able to ignite the engine.

How To Fix Reduced Engine Power?

If there is any auto-motive issue, there is a solution. Lower engine power situations can irritate you very much. But what are the possible solutions to this problem? Let’s know them all.

  • As we all know now, loose connections can be evil in this scenario. First, to solve this issue, you should inspect your engine harness and every electrical connection out there. You can just normally replace the cable or shoulder it if usable.

  • A user can always keep the sensors clean. For the best results, clean them up within a period. So that the engine can have enough power. All you need to do is to wash the sensors and then dry them for 30 minutes. You can re-install them after that.

  • Check your distributor and spark plugs for better result. If there is any fault, address it right away. As they calculate the amount of fuel and air in your engine.

  • Give a look at your catalytic converter. If that is not ok, engine power can reduce if it is not getting enough water, co2, and nitrogen.

  • Provide enough engine oil to your car.

  • Check the transmission fluid level.

  • A user can check the battery for corrosion.

When there is something wrong with the power of the engine, the engine power reduced warning light gets turned on. Engine power reduce is a severe issue with 1.5L turbo engine.

What To do When the Reduced Engine Power Warning Light is on?

This situation requires a little bit of common sense of yours. You can take your car to a professional mechanic and diagnose it properly. If the light comes on while driving, there is no need to get into a panic situation.

Just Park your car somewhere safe and call your mechanic before driving any further.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drive with reduced engine power?

Well, it completely depends on the issue. If there is a minor reason behind it, you can drive your car, but experts do not suggest this. To keep your car healthy, you should take care of every part.

How much does it cost to fix a reduced engine power?

The average cost completely depends on the issue type. If there is any serious problem, then the amount will get high, but for a little issue, you can save money. But on average, the amount is between $100-$500. Additional labor charges may add.

What are the reasons behind the engine power reduction issue?

Some most common reasons are
➢Damaged spark plugs.
➢Damaged distributor.
➢The lower amount of engine oil.
➢Faulty oxygen and mass air flow sensor.

How do I know if my oil is low?

➢Oil pressure warning light.
➢Burning smell from the engine compartment.
➢Mileage issues.
➢Less efficient performance.
➢Overheating problem.

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