How To Fix A Broken Tail Light Cover? – Quick and Easy Ways

Our car’s safety system is not complete without the tail lights. It warns us when other drivers are nearby in low light and vice versa. If your tail light cover is broken, it cannot be safe to go on the road. Due to the broken back tail light cover, it will not be able to emit the radiance properly. Thus, a logical question arises how to fix a broken tail light cover? 

A cracked tail light can also raise a driving ticket for you. Thus, it is necessary to repair the chipped tail light. Fixing a broken tail light cover is relatively easy. You could even change it yourself if you have some basic mechanical knowledge and tools.

Steps to Repair Broken Tail Light Cover 

However, if your tail light lens is busted, you need to prevent it from moisture and dirt. It can blow the tail light fuse if you don’t prevent it.  As a temporary fix,  you should buy some lens repair tape that comes in red and amber colors. It functions similarly to scotch tape. Ensure the tape is watertight and the light is still functional before covering the damaged area. Follow these easy tail light cover repair steps. 

Remove the Tail Light Cover

  • Firstly, find the screws keeping the break light cover in place.
  • Remove the screws keeping the lens cover in place with a screwdriver.
  • Pull the lens cover out slowly. 
  • Replace the lens cover and screw it back into place if the lens cover and light bulb holder are two separate pieces.
  • Pull off the unit to reveal the light bulb holder and wiring if the unit is a combination of lens and light bulb holder. 

Tail Light Cover Repair With Lens Repair Tape

Lens repair tape can be used to fix cracked lenses. Taping is only intended to be a temporary solution. You can also buy a lens repair kit that includes resin to give your temporary repair an edge. 

  • Clean and dry the area where you are applying the tape. 
  • Avoid cleaning the area with glass cleaner.
  • Using alcohol as a cleaner will give an unsoiled surface.
  • Determine the size of the crack and cut the tape. After allowing the area to dry, apply the tape. 
  • When applying the tape, remove away any air pockets to prevent lens distortion.
  • Finally, take off the tape’s backing.

Fixing Broken Brake Light Cover With Lens Repair Resin

If there is a missing part or a wider crack, you can patch up your broken tail light cover with plastic resin.

  • Firstly wrap the outside of the taillight with plastic tape. It will stop the leaking of plastic resin.  
  • Put on pair of gloves and mix the resin, coloring agent, and catalyst.
  • After filling the provided syringe with the resin, fill the entire area that needs to be filled with resin by squirting it into the hole.
  • Give it at least two hours to cure.

Brake Light Cover Replacement

Car tail light repair is a temporary solution. If you apply tape or resin, it will erode down after a while, putting your car tail light at risk. Thus the best option is to go for a brake light cover replacement.

Make sure the used tail light fits before purchasing them because different models have slightly different tail light designs. For instance, the brake lights of the Toyota Matrix and Toyota Corolla are entirely different. 

Make sure it has all the assembly parts. For example, if you have Honda City, its tail light assembly has one screw and four nuts. The aftermarket kit you buy should have all the parts. The cost difference between an aftermarket tail light assembly and an OEM part purchased from a dealership is approximately 30–40%. You will save up to 20 to 30 percent on labor costs if you get the repair done by yourself. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you replace the plastic on a tail light separately?

Most of the time, replacing a tail lamp cover entails switching out the cover with a few screws, bolts, and fasteners.

What is the cost of fixing the broken tail light cover?

The cost of a broken tail light shield varies according to the design and color. The tail light assembly price can go up to as high as $60. Labor costs can range from $30 to $60.

Can I drive a vehicle with a damaged tail light?

No, it is not safe to drive with a damaged tail light. The rear tail lights hint to other drivers of your position, preventing you from any harm. Also, driving with broken rear lights can cause a driving ticket. 

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