Reset Your Ford Door Code Without the Factory Code

In order to give you and your car safety, Ford company provides their user with a lot of services. Ford factory door code is one of them. Just to provide safety and prevent unauthorized entrance to your car, a door code is very important for any user. Well, the factory code is there to give an opportunity for keyless entry to the users. Factory code is directly related to door code. The door code is a series of numbers that is mandatory while entering a car’s cabin. But what if you drive a Ford and you forget your door code? Well, that can be a headache for sure, but as good news, we can say you can reset Ford door code with the help of the factory code.

But how can you do that? For this thing, you need proper guidance and steps by step process. In this blog, let’s discuss the same.

Every Small Step to Reset the Ford Door Code

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There can be various reasons behind resetting the door code. Most of the common reasons are malfunctioning the keypad of the key or simply forgetting the passcode. It is quite impossible to reset a door code with the key of the car. But you can reset Ford door code with the factory code. The factory key cannot forcefully function as it is programmed this way. But first, let’s have a look what are the benefits of keyless entry.

Benefits Of Resetting the Door Code

  • You can access the car without typically entering the key.
  • A user can lock or unlock the doors just by entering the code.
  • Unwanted or unauthorized entry can be prevented.
  • Whenever a user wants to use open the trunk or boot space, he/she can avoid opening it manually.
  • Whenever you want, you can remove the entry code.

These are some basic and the most important features of ford’s door code reset.

Now, if you do not know your unique factory code, though, you can reset your door code without the factory code. As a note, a user can find his/her factory code in the personalized wallet in the glovebox department. But, in case you do not know the factory code, then how can you reset your Ford Fusion door code, including other models like Focus, Kuga, or Fiesta?

  • First, go to an online factory code generator to obtain the factory code. You can go to the dealership for help.
  • Press the first and second buttons of the key. After that, wait for a few seconds.
  • Enter the new code as per your preference. The code will be unique and new for the user.
  • After that, press the first and second buttons separately. Give a gap of 5 seconds between two moves.
  • When all these steps will be completed, the doors should be capable of locking or unlocking themselves.

You may pay a small amount for the new code. The dealership can charge you a different amount, while an online code generator can charge differently. By following these steps, you will be able to access the Ford door factory code or reset the door code of the Ford Edge and other models.

How Can You Find Your Door Code by VIN Number?

VIN number stands for a vehicle identification number. This is a unique number that is labeled with each manufactured auto vehicle. It contains 17 digits and letters, excluding the letters O, Q, and I for confusion. Each of the characters specifies the manufacturing details of the vehicle. This includes the year of the car, manufacturer company, etc.

A user can find this number in many places, but the most known places are:

  • Under the hood.
  • Interior dashboard on the driver’s side.
  • Side door pillar on the driver’s side.

By using this VIN number, you can reset Ford’s door code. As a note, in case your car doors are damaged or in bad condition, then you can shop

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my Ford Fusion factory door code?

The Factory door code is the unique number of your car that belongs only to you. A user can find the factory code in the personalized wallet that should be in the glovebox department.

Can you reprogram the Ford door code?

In case you have lost your keys, locked yourself out, or if you have forgotten the code, you can reset the door code. All you need to do is to go to an online factory code generator or to the dealership. Then press the first and second buttons.  Take a break for a few seconds. Press the new code that you want to use. Repress them with a 5-second interval between both. After following all these steps, your car doors should get in the right situation again.

Can you find the keyless entry code by VIN number?

Your VIN number says all the important details about your car. So if you go to a mechanic and he can decode the VIN number, your factory code can be retrieved. The significance of each character of the VIN number may vary from Brand to Brand.

What Is The Ford 5-Digit Factory Code?

Ford’s 5-digit factory code specifies the manufacturer details or the factory details of the car. You can find it easily in the owner’s wallet in the glovebox.

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