How Much is The Ball Joint Replacement Cost for a Basic Vehicle!

How Much is The Ball Joint Replacement Cost for a Basic Vehicle!

A car’s suspension is one of the most integral and preferred parts for every passenger’s comfort. Whenever we talk about suspension, there is a small tiny part of it that plays a crucial role by rotating the assembly. That is a ball joint. It is located inside a lubricated casing. The ball joint works for the front suspension of the vehicle. While driving your car. The ball keeps rotating itself so that the steering control gets more easily.  But what if your car’s ball joint gets defective and stops working? In this case, you can first try to repair it, but this part is not famous for getting repaired. So, you should consider replacing it right away. In the replacement process, the first thing that would come to your mind is what is ball joint replacement cost?

We are going to discuss further the cost and every single detail related to it.

An Average Ball Joint Replacement Cost

The average cost depends on various factors like the year or brand of the car and the manufacturer. If the original brand makes it, then you may pay more. On the other hand, if it is an aftermarket product, then you should spend less amount. But on average, the ball joint replacement cost is between $250-$350.

The good quality ball joint can cost you up to $150, and the cheaper one can cost you around $20-$80. This is the cost for only the part. Additionally, labor charges will be added to the total bill because you will probably need a mechanic to get it done. The upper ball joint replacement cost and the lower ball joint replacement cost are quite similar. They do not create a contrast with each other.

Foremost Symptoms of a Defective Ball Joint

As the ball joint works for the front suspension of the car, that’s why if it gets bad, you can feel wiggles or jolts while driving. A clunking noise can come to your ear. You may have less control over your steering wheel. But a defective ball joint makes some foremost symptoms by which you can get there is some issue with your ball joint.

Uneven Car Noises

If there is any issue with your ball joint, then you may hear inappropriate noises from your car. A knocking or rattling sound can come to your ear if you have any issue with a certain car part.

A Shaky Cabin

This is one of the most important signs when you drive your vehicle with a faulty ball joint. An extremely shaky cabin, along with other parts, is the signal from where you can get the issue.

Drifting Issue

Bad wheel alignment is the main culprit, but a defective ball joint can also create this issue. You may feel a loose control on one side.

Tires Getting Damaged

As the car can go through a drifting issue, you may notice uneven damage on the tires on one side.

lower & Upper ball joint replacement cost

How To Replace the Old Ball Joint with A New One?

For this task, you may need to go to a professional mechanic, or else if you have good knowledge of auto repair work, then you can do it yourself. But for that, you should have a good guidebook. A user can follow these steps to get it done.

  • Park your vehicle on a flat surface so that you can do the process easily.
  • Jack up your vehicle.
  • Inspect the ball joint carefully to get whether they really need to be replaced or not.
  • If yes, then purchase the best ball joint that fits your vehicle.
  • Next, you have to access the ball joint. For that, you need to remove the wheel.
  • Then lose the control arm holding nuts and mounts. That will give you more space for moving the suspension mechanism.
  • Removing the ball joints can be junky. So, spray metal cleaner like WD-40, just to make it easy.
  • From the suspension mechanism, pull the cotter pin out and lose the castellated nut from the strut suspension.
  • Loose the ball joint.
  • Drill out the holding bolts and slide out the ball joints.
  • Grab the new ball joint and follow the process in reverse.

By following these steps. A user will be able to replace the old and defective ball joint, but before getting a new one, do some market research for the best ball joint replacement cost.

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Ball Joint Replacement CostFAQs

Is it worth replacing ball joints?

Yes, it is completely worth it. And you should consider replacing it right away when you face an issue with the ball joint.

Can you drive with a messed-up ball joint?

Yes, you can drive, but according to auto parts experts, you should not perform this type of activity. This can cause more damage to your tires or other parts and make you pay a larger amount.

 How long does it take to replace the ball joint?

It completely depends on your experience. If you are a little bit experienced in auto repair work, then you can get it done within 2-3 hours, otherwise, for a beginner, it can take longer.

What are the symptoms of a failing ball joint?

➢Clunking noise.
➢Rapid in-cabin vibrations.
➢Wear out front tires.
➢Drifting issues in the car due to defective ball joint.

How much does it cost to replace a ball joint?

However, it can vary from brand to brand. But on average, it costs you somewhere around $300, including all labor charges.