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Buy all exclusive used tail light assembly parts and replacement components from one platform. Quality-tested used tail lights for sale.

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Product Specification

Product NameTail Lights
Product CategoryAuto Body Parts
ConditionAftermarket, Used
FeaturesLonger life span,
Compatible with relay signals,
Three-dimensional effects,
Innovatively Advanced.
Approx Cost$30 – $200
tail light replacement

Used Tail Lights – Budget-Friendly Solution

Among various safety features in your car, exterior lighting is the least priority for drivers. It’s an essential component for safe driving in all conditions. The tail lights give an indication to vehicles behind you about your movements. Thus, it is necessary to have a working tail light.

If your tail lamps are not working properly, then it is time to equip them with budget-friendly used tail lights.  We offer a wide range of car backlights of great quality. We have the auto tail light assemblies available in multiple shapes and lumens.

Used Tail Lights Assembly for Every Car Model

Safeguard your vehicle with highly-responsive tail lights. At the Cars part shop, we have an extensive collection of used tail light assembly, suitable for multiple car brands and models.

Why do You Need Tail Light Replacement?

The vehicle’s safety features include the tail lights. It enables other drivers to assess the size and shape of the car accurately. The automobile tail lights are helpful as they display the rear edge of the vehicle. You should replace your tail light, if it isn’t functioning properly. Commonly the tail light faces

  • Faulty relay.
  • Burned-out bulbs.
  • Blown fuse.
  • Malfunctioned brake light switch.
  • Damage due to some accident.

In all such scenarios, replace your tail lamp. Cars Part Shop has excellent aftermarket tail lights in its inventory. Also, if you are thinking of giving your vehicle a new customized look, Cars Part Shop has a collection of attractive, long-lasting, and premier auto tail lights at low prices.

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Key Factors to Consider While Purchasing Used Tail Lights

A few necessary criteria should be on your checklist while buying tail lights.

Fitted back Lights

  • Battery Efficiency – Ensure that the tail light works efficiently with the battery.
  • Type of bulb – Choose the right type of bulb, whether LED, Xenon, or halogen, according to the need.
  • Design – You should also consider the design or mold of the backlight. Choose the design which suits best on your vehicle.
  • Lumens – Another important factor is the watt of the bulb. It varies from one car to another, and also, the wattage used must be in compliance with state regulations. 
  • Car Model – Ensure that the used tail lights that you select fits easily and are compatible with your car model.
  • Realy Units – While buying the tail lights, ensure that the relay units are capable of transferring the signals from ECU to the light. 

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Huge Stock Of Aftermarket Tail Lights

  • 1-year warranty.
  • Longer Life span.
  • Exclusive designs with advanced features.
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Aftermarket Brake Light

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The primary distinction between brake lights and tail lights is that the latter only comes on when the brake pedal is depressed, whereas the former illuminates as soon as the headlights are turned on.

Fortunately, changing the tail light bulbs isn’t hard and shouldn’t take more than an hour. However, newer models can take more time as they may contain more wire assemblies.

The lever that activates the headlights also controls the taillights, making them functional. Because the tail lights are relay-operated, they activate in tandem with the headlights.

The LED tail lights improve motorist visibility and safety. They are tiny, vibrant, and less prone to damage. Due to the lack of a filament, they produce less concentrated heat.

Improve Safety and Aesthetics

Customized Tail Lights at Unbeatable Prices