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Product Specification

Product NameCar Bumpers
Product CategoryAuto Body Parts
ConditionAftermarket, Used
Low Price,
For various car makes and models,
Easy installation.
Approx Cost$300 to $1500
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Used Car Bumpers For Sale

The car bumpers’ main function is to safeguard your car in the case of an accident. The vehicle bumpers serve as shock absorbers, and it provides a layer of protection. In the event of an accident, it helps safeguard expensive external elements. It also continuously protects the car from scrapes or from flying road debris.
Apart from safety, it also serves a decorative purpose. Used car bumpers are a convenient way to personalize and modify the vehicle’s overall appearance.

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Why Should You Choose Car Bumper Replacement?

  • Cracks and Dents: Your bumper may appear to have only minor damage if there is a collision. However, even little dings and cracks might jeopardize the structural integrity of the bumper. A damaged bumper is no longer a sturdy part that can survive collisions, and it won’t be able to absorb the force the next time, leading to more damage to your car.
  • Damaged Pins and Hooks: The bumper has a lot of hardware that keeps it attached to your vehicle. These hardware components consist of clips, fasteners, and brackets. The bumper could become unstable and loose if any attachment part is missing or damaged.
  • Unattractive Appearance: The damage to bumpers makes the car’s appearance dull. Repair may appear uneven. Also, painting over scratches is challenging. So, it’s the best time for car bumper replacement.
  • Decrease Resale Value: The paint and materials won’t be enough to restore a damaged bumper to its pre-damage state. Thus, a damaged bumper will reduce your car’s resale value.

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Necessary Factors Before Purchasing Used Car Bumpers

There are a few things to think about before buying a bumper for your car.

aftermarket car bumpers
  • It should precisely fit your vehicle. Whether it’s the front bumper or rear bumper, ensure that you choose the correct fit.
  • Also, check the bumper parts are of quality build. They should be free from any dings and dents. Ensure that it is strong and durable.
  • Choose a lightweight design as it helps to reduce fuel consumption and in weight reduction.
  • Another factor to look for is the cost of the replacement bumper.
  • Also, check for integrated light mounts if you are buying used car bumpers.
  • Also, check the assembly units, clips, winch mountings, and other accessories before purchasing a vehicle bumper unit.

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The cost to replace a bumper depends on the degree of damage and the kind of car you drive. Bumper replacement can cost between $800 to $1500, including the labor charges.

Even if your bumper is broken, you can drive without any problems. However, some states can raise a ticket for driving with a broken bumper. Also, from a safety point of view, it is not acceptable.

If numerous deep cracks, dents, and paint are chipping away, these are the signs of wearing.

Since plastic does a better job absorbing an impact during an accident than metal does, thus it is safer to use as a bumper material.

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