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Product Specification

Product NameCar Fender
Product CategoryAuto Body Parts
Available in various designs
Easy installation
Approx Cost$100 to $1000
Used Car Fender

What Makes Used Car Fenders a Great Choice?

The car fender is a crucial body part sitting over the wheels, and it protects the engine bay from rock and debris. It also aids in preventing corrosion of the wiring and other parts inside the wheel well.

These are cast by using various materials. Most popularly, they are made of ABS and metallic materials. They come in various designs and are attached by screws, tabs, and clips.

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At the Cars part shop, you will find customized and durable fenders at an affordable price. Explore our huge inventory of quality fender parts and select the best fit for you.

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What To Keep In Mind While Buying Refurbished Car Fender?

An auto vehicle fender is essential for the safety of the inner components. However, with the passage of time, it may get worn. There are mainly two possible reasons to replace your fender.

  • Accidental Damage: If your car met an accident and your auto vehicle fender is severely out of shape, then you can replace it with a refurbished car fender.
  • Rusting: Also, rusting of the fender can degrade its quality. So, if there is rust over your fender, it is best to choose a fender replacement.

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Checklist Before Buying Used Car Fenders

Major factors which a buyer should look out for before selecting a fender are:

Aftermarket Car Fender
  • Color: Usually, stores offer non-painted car fenders. Check for the right color combination before purchasing.
  • Car brand and model: Another major factor is the car model. Ensure that you buy an auto vehicle fender that is compatible with the curves of your vehicle.
  • Material: Fenders come in various materials like ABS, fiber, or metal. Select the right material with the right elasticity and durability.
  • Design: To enhance the look of your vehicle, customers can choose the various design of fenders. Choose the right used car fenders to get a customized look.
  • Cost: Another key factor is cost. The price of the replacement piece varies according to the model, material, and design.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Liners are essential for preventing corrosion and damage to the wheel wells caused by dirt and water that the spinning wheels stir up. However, it is up to you whether to use it or not.

Fender trims are attached to the fenders directly above the wheel wells and alter the appearance of a vehicle. Fender trims serve an aesthetic role, but they also provide some degree of protection against minor impact-related scrapes and dings.

There are basically five to six different types of fender flares. However, it may vary according to the car modifications and the regulations of the state authority.

In case of extensive damage, the best suggestion is to choose a auto fender replacement. It will enhance the look and durability. 

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