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Select the high-quality used bumper covers & replacement parts from the unlimited collection at the cars part shop. Whether you are looking for front or rear bumpers, we have them all in our stock.

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Product Specification

Product NameBumper Cover
Product CategoryAuto vehicle part
ConditionAftermarket bumper cover
Available for all vehicles
Approx Cost$800-$1000
Used Bumper Cover
Car Bumper Cover

Used Bumper Covers Under One Hood

Improve the safety and aesthetics of your vehicle with highly durable and custom-made bumper covers. We have over 2000+ used bumper covers. Explore the parts now!

What Are The Reasons For Bumper Cover Replacement?

There is a number of reasons for a bumper cover replacement. The damage might be just painted damage or a crack in the bumper car part due to an accident. However, whatever might be the reason for the damage, it should be your priority to get it replaced. Cars part shop has a stock of 2000+ used bumper cover compatible with your vehicle.

  • Cracked bumper:  If your car bumper is cracked, the best decision is to replace instead of repair it. Repairing a bumper is a much costlier affair than just replacing the bumper cover. You can get bumper covers at Cars part shop at affordable prices. We have a collection of 2000+ compatible covers for your vehicle.
  • Major paint damage: If there is paint damage on your bumper cover, it is a good option to replace it. The amount of work that goes into repairing the bumper is too much. First, you will sand the bumper to make it even then you will paint it to match the vehicle’s color, so for many, it is a lot of work, but the best part is that you can get used bumper covers at much more affordable costs as compared to repairing.
  • Broken or damaged hooks: If you know your car, then you might be aware that there are hooks below the cover. Makes sure the alignment is maintained and holds up the cover. Just in case that hook is broken, you must change it, as the car bumper might fall off at any moment. 

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Things To Consider While Buying Used Bumper Covers

aftermarket bumper covers

  • Compatibility: It is important for you to make sure that the cover is compatible with your car before buying used bumper covers. But by compatibility, we don’t just mean the fit; we also mean that it matches the color of your car, so you don’t have to spend money again to repaint.
  • Warranty: For most of the car parts, you will get a warranty of at least 1-year. Remember not to buy any auto parts without a warranty. If in doubt, you can visit the Cars part shop to get a bumper cover replacement for your vehicle with a 1-year warranty.
  • Condition: Getting a used bumper cover can be a dicey situation for you as you may not know what product you’ll get and the quality of the product. Hence we suggest you check the condition and quality. Remember that it has no scratches, the paint matches your car and no dents. If all the things are perfect, you’re good to go.

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A bumper cover’s main function is to safeguard your car in the case of an accident. Your bumper serves as a shock absorber, and the cover provides additional security. In the case of an accident, this helps safeguard expensive external elements and pricey engine parts.

A replacement bumper for a passenger car can range in price from $100 to $1,000. The price of installing and painting a new bumper can range from $200 to $600. The price of bumpers for pickup trucks, SUVs, and high-end automobiles will increase.

Although modern car paint and bodywork are art, you may simply perform the fundamental tasks on your own. You can easily replace the bumper cover by yourself.

Installation time depends on the task. Front bumper repairs are rather simple and may be completed in only three hours. The fresh painting and drying of the paint, however, might take up to three days.

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