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Product Specification

Product NameCar Fog Lights
Product CategoryAutomotive lighting
ConditionAftermarket fog lights
Approx Cost$25-$50
Car Fog Lights

Long Lasting Used Car Fog Lights

Car fog lights are essential for safety in poor weather conditions. But due to accidental damages, dead bulbs, or blow-out fuse, your car fog lights are not working. Driving with a non-operational fog light put your life at risk. So, the affordable option is to buy used car fog lights.

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Car Fog Lights – When Should You Upgrade It?

  • Blown fuse: When a fuse blows, the circuit is incomplete, and the lights cannot turn on. If an electrical component, such as the car fog lights, malfunctions, many mechanics may check the fuses as the last option. 
  • Burned-out bulbs: Your Car’s lights turning on simultaneously is a solid indication that a bulb has burned out. The wear and tear of fog light assembly will cause them to stop working eventually. When a light bulb burns out, the rest of the electrical system is frequently unaffected, allowing other lights to function correctly.
  • Faulty relay: Your driving lights may not function correctly due to bad ground or a defective relay. Relays enable power to transmit from the battery to the lights, but they are susceptible to failure and can disrupt the connection. An inadequately grounded wire is unable to protect the circuit or act as a drain for the accumulated surplus charge.

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Checklist Before Buying Aftermarket Car Fog Lights

fog light bulb replacement

  • Ensure that you buy the right fit for your vehicle. It’s important that you make sure the bulb fits before purchasing a replacement light since your vehicle may require a certain type of bulb. Try to buy from a reliable source.
  • The quantity of light that bulbs produce calculates in watts. The brightness and intensity of the light calculate in lumens. Choose the aftermarket car fog lights of the right intensity according to your state regulations. 
  • Buy energy-efficient fog lights. LEDs are typically the best choice. They stay the longest, create the brightest beam, and release the least heat (longer than 50,000 hours).

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And because of this, drivers prefer yellow-colored car fog lights, especially during poor weather. The eyes are less irritated by yellow colors than by blue or white ones. The use of selective yellow lighting is done to increase visibility.

Compared to halogen, LED fog lights are brighter and have a cooler color temperature. They provide a whiter and more aesthetically pleasing light. Thus LEDs are better than halogen fog lights.

Fog light replacement costs between $62 and $73. While the used car fog lights part is priced between $25 and $26, labor is predicted to cost between $37 and $46. This range does not account for taxes, other expenses, your specific car, or your location.

In Rule 236 of the Highway Code, it is specifically stated that car lights shall not be used: “If visibility is not significantly impaired. You MUST NOT use them as they can blind other drivers and block your brake lights. When visibility increases, you MUST turn them off.”

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