ESP Bas Light: What Is It, How Does It Work, And What Does It Indicate?

ESP Bas Light

Equipment that ensures the passenger’s safety. The car manufacturing companies install a couple of indications that can make the passengers aware that there is some problem. Just like the check engine light or the airflow sensor light, the ESP Bas light is another of them that tells the passenger that any of your car parts is facing any issue. ESP stands for electronic stability program and brake assist system. If this light pops up on your dashboard out of nowhere, you should not ignore it. It is possible that your car parts are facing severe issues. So, it is all about your safety.

We are going to discuss below what it means and in which situations this light turns on.

What Is the Actual ESP Bas Light Meaning?

What Is the Actual ESP Bas Light Meaning

This is actually one of the warning lights located on your dashboard. The simple meaning of this light is that there is some kind of problem in your car that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. ESP Bas light actually means that there is some issue with your car’s electronics stability program or with the brake assist system. In some cases, you will need to diagnose your car parts very carefully. Otherwise, you can simply make this light vanish with very little effort on your car’s part.

However, you should not ignore this light for so long. This is directly related to your car’s stability and braking system. These two systems play a vital role in your safety. So, you should consider addressing it as soon as possible. Restore your own safety by diagnosing your car’s brake assembly parts or steering assembly parts.

Reasons Behind a Turned-On ESP Bas Light

Just like every other safety indicator light, this light also can have a couple of reasons behind turning it on. As we have previously discussed, this light is related to your braking system and stability. So, to find the exact issue, a user may need to pay attention to every single and small braking assembly and steering assembly part. Fortunately, if you do have a code scanner, then with the help of the diagnostic trouble codes, you can easily find the exact issue. But if you don’t have any idea regarding any of these things, any professional mechanic can be called. But here are some most common and foremost reasons that can cause a turned-on ESP light.

A Faulty Steering Angle Sensor

A faulty steering angle sensor is one of the most common reasons behind an ESP light. A steering angle sensor, or SAS, is designed to work in the same flow with your tires. This part only makes it possible to turn your car in any direction by turning your steering wheel.

So, in case, your SAS stops working, this light will turn on your dashboard. So that you take care of your stability system. The light will be turned on until you reset the sensor. When you reset the sensor and, it will start to work again, the light will turn off.

Failing Wheel Speed Sensor

A car’s ESP and BAS system make sure that all of your four wheels are spinning at the same speed. If any of these spins at a different speed, the parts will get into action so that all of the tires start to spin at the same speed. This ensures full control of your vehicle. With a failing wheel speed sensor, your car tires will not be able to spin at the same speed. This situation will make the indicator light or the ESP on. Whenever you face such a situation, you should go to a professional mechanic to diagnose the issue.

Damaged Brake Switch

The braking system is there in the car so that you can make your car slow down whenever you want. When you press the brake pedal, it starts to slow down your car, and the brake light turns on. There is an electrical switch that turn on the lights on your behalf. If the switch goes bad, your lights may not get turned on. This can cause a severe risk to you. ESP BAS light can also indicate that there is an issue with your brake switch.

Worn Brake Pads

Generally, worn brake pads do not turn the light on. But if, in case, they alter the rate at which your car’s wheels spin, the ESP BAS will get tuned on. Old brake pads can cause this issue. If this is happening because of age, then you should consider replacing them with new ones. When the brake pads won’t create any issues, the light will turn off automatically.

How Can You Turn ESP Bas Light Off?

As soon as you find out that this light is on, you should pay attention to how you can turn it off. You can go to a professional mechanic to get this task done, or you can just normally follow these simple steps to turn it off:

  • Get the fault code from your car’s computer system.
  • From that code, you can determine the real cause behind the light.
  • After that, if it is related to braking or steering assembly, get all the necessary accessories and make it right.

If you are even a little bit experienced in auto repair work, this simple step will take 1-2 hours for you. No need to get tense. This is a very simple thing to do. Or if you do not want to carry any repairing tension, we suggest going to a mechanic.

ESP Bas Light- FAQs

How Much Will It Cost to Fix an ESP BAS Problem?

Any time you notice the warning lights popping up, you know that your system is hazardous and is not going to work properly. The repair cost of ESP BAS light costs around $250 or so. It’ll make the car safer and in better condition again.

Is It Safe to Drive with an ESP BAS Light On?

You should not get into the habit of driving with your ESP BAS systems. Fix that as soon as possible because that indicates the damaged condition of your vehicle.

How to reset the ESP light?

➢Find the ESP button.
➢Press it and hold it for five seconds.
➢It will reset the light.

Where is the ESP sensor located?

ESP sensor is located in the engine compartment. The control unit takes over the electrical and electronic tasks.

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