VW Jetta Hood Latch Won’t Close: How to Fix It?

VW Jetta Hood Latch Won’t Close: How to Fix It?

Despite the fact that hood latches are necessary for your car engine, you don’t have to drive with a faulty one. There could be chances that your VW Jetta hood latch won’t close, and it could be due to multiple reasons.

The solution to the issue can vary depending on how difficult or simple it is to achieve.

We will discuss the common issues that hood latches encounter in this article, along with solutions for VW Jetta hood latches that won’t close.

Parts You Need to Check When VW Jetta Hood Latch Won’t Close

The hood latch is a sort of fastening system. It is responsible for keeping the car hood closed. It consists of various parts, including:

  • Pins: These keep the hood closed and the latch handle in place. One pin is at the bottom, and the other is at the top.
  • Latch Handle: Typically, it is made of metal or plastic.
  • Springs: These aid in maintaining the pins’ tension and stability.
  • Latch striker: When the hood latch is closed, it rests on this piece of metal on the car’s body.
  • Hood Lock: It attaches itself with a latch striker and firmly holds its position.
  • Hood bumpers: After closing, they stabilize the hood.

What are the Causes of the VW Jetta Hood Not Closing?


The problem of the hood latch won’t be closing originates from corrosion. It’s likely that your hood won’t lock because corrosion and debris accumulation on the mechanism’s back is causing the problem.

vw jetta hood with broken latch

Also, rust can impact both the lock and the safety catch at the same time. Your metal hood latch is located at the front of your automobile. Therefore, has continuous exposure to corrosive conditions. Moreover, the hood latch will stick if the pins are rusted since they won’t be capable of moving smoothly.

Wrong Adjustment

Another probable reason your VW Jetta hood latch won’t close can be an improper adjustment. There can be contraction or dent, which may create alignment problems causing wrong adjustments. Although it is simple to fix, you must know how to do it correctly.


On occasion, the springs are unable to pull the VW hood closed fully. Perhaps it’s because of aging or wears and tear. The problem is not challenging as corrosion, and you can resolve it easily.

Vw Jetta Hood Latch Won’t Close: Preventive Measures

For prevention from corrosion, you might try using corrosion-resistant pins. They have non-corrosive material that doesn’t corrode as quickly. Cleaning the pins on a regular basis is crucial to preventing corrosion. Apply a layer of corrosion-resistant paint or sealer after cleaning them to keep them safe.

Applying wax or a sealer to the metal surfaces of your hood latch will provide it additional protection. It will aid in putting up a wall between the metal and the airborne corrosives.

However, if the corrosion is too much, it is best practice to replace it. You can save dollars if you choose classic car hoods for sale for customizing your car.

In case of adjustment problems, the proper alignment of the Volkswagon hood latch can be done in two ways:

  • Removing and replacing the bolt at the latch’s back.
  • Tightening or loosening the screws on the latch’s side.

You’ll need to swap out the worn-out springs for brand-new ones in order to solve the problem of non-extending springs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drive while my Volkswagon hood latch is broken?

Even while it is feasible to drive with a broken hood latch, you should try to avoid doing so. Driving with a broken hood latch can also affect hinges in good condition, and your hood may fly up while you’re driving.

How long does it take to repair a VW Jetta hood with a broken latch?

The problem of the broken latch is not serious. Usually, it takes one to two hours. However, if the problem is due to rust, then it will take a longer repair time.

What are the indicators that your VW Jetta hood latch won’t close correctly?

Your hood latch isn’t closing properly if you’re having any of the issues:
●     Firstly, the hood is unable to open or close.
●     A rattling sound while driving.
●     Closing the hood requires extra energy.

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