Your Quick Guide to Replace the 2002 Ford Focus Headlights

2002 ford focus headlights

The Ford vehicle, either SUV, hatchback, or truck, always delivers excellent performance. The 2002 Ford Focus was an excellent modification of the Ford Tempo. The car performance was exceptional. However, if you have a 2002 Ford Focus, you may be aware of its flaws. One of the main problems was the short life of headlights. The quality was not what drivers expected from ford. In the following blog, we will discuss the main causes of the failure of headlamps and the replacement process for 2002 ford focus headlights.

2002 Ford Focus was a 5-speed manual transmission car equipped with inline 4 cylinders. The car trim model was able to generate power of 110 hp and torque of 125 lb-ft.  Apart from its basic engine features, the car’s design was one of its highly attractive factors. With alloy wheels and built-in fog lights and headlights, the car was worth gaining attention.

Signs to Replace 2002 Ford Focus Headlights

Headlights play an essential role in safe driving. They illuminate the path. The US traffic laws also state that cars can only come on the road with working headlights. If you have non-operational headlamps, it can cause a traffic ticket. Thus, fully functional headlights are important from a safety and legal aspects.

The 2002 Ford Focus headlights had been low-beam bulbs. The size of the factory bulb was H4.

But it was not able to meet the expectations of the customers.

A few of the common signs of a failing headlight in Ford Focus are:

Headlights are Getting Dimmer

With the excessive use of headlights, the power of the bulbs reduces gradually. It can cause the dimming of headlights. It is an indicator that the bulb’s life is getting over. Another reason for dim headlamps reason is rusting of ground wire. If the bulb light gets darker, then it is time to consider replacing it.

Headlamps are Flickering Often

When your headlight bulbs emit uneven light, then it is a major sign of failing headlamps. It is a common issue in the 2002 Ford Focus. One of the main reasons for flickering bulbs is a defective bulb installed in your car. It can also be due to poor wiring harness connections or a bad battery. If you find a problem with a defective wiring harness, then you should consider a skilled mechanic to change it.

Burned Out Bulb or Blown Fuse

If your 2002 Ford Focus headlamps have a burned-out bulb, then you should change it ASAP. The fuse in your car allows the limited supply of current to various electrical components. So, when there is excess current, the fuse blows away to keep the electrical part safe. A blown fuse problem is more complicated and requires skilled mechanic assistance.

Damaged Headlights

Over time, gravel and other road debris have a tendency to cause small damage to headlights, usually in the form of tiny chips and dents. These damages are repairable at an auto shop. However, if your headlights sustain more severe damage in a car accident, your car will require a full headlamp replacement.

How to Replace Headlights of 2002 Ford Focus?

As we have covered the reason for failing headlights and why it is necessary to change them, let’s check out the step-by-step process of replacing the headlights of the 2002 Ford Focus. But before that, you should keep following things for ease.

Open the Ford Focus Hood

  • The hood release handle is inside the Ford Focus cabin on the left side of the instrument panel, underneath the steering wheel.
  • Remove the auxiliary latch under the front of the Ford Focus hood.
  • Now, lift the hood and fix it in position by inserting the yellow end of the strut into the appropriate holes.
  • On the top of the headlamp assembly, remove the two self-tapping screws.
  • You’ll have a little extra room for your fingers. You should unclip the battery cover and then pull it off if you are on the battery side.
  • You now have access to the headlamp assembly.

Remove the Defective Bulb

You can remove the bulb from its hole on the non-battery side and then pull the connector through the retaining spring. You can carefully lose it with the help of a flat-headed screwdriver. In the process, there is a greater likelihood that you may damage the bulb. So, it is advised to remove it gently.

However, on the battery side headlamp, you had to remove the retaining spring to remove the bulb. Its two ends are fanned out and slide into tiny holes to create a hinge, which is not too difficult. To remove them, you only need to squeeze the ends together. Once the spring is removed, you can use a screwdriver to detach the Ford Focus headlight assembly. Ensure to take out the bulb carefully without dropping or breaking it.

Install the Replacement Headlight Bulb

Finally, the last stage of the process. You will now need to reinstall the spring if you had to remove it in the previous step.

  • Insert the bulb the proper way up. Also, confirm that it is in the right orientation by looking through from the outside.
  • Rotate the spring and clip it.
  • After that, Install the connector block.

Put All the Parts Back Together

Now, you should reassemble all the open parts.

Pull back the retaining clip. If you have removed the battery cover, then insert it into the lughole and press down until it clips on the opposite side. Reinstall the self-tapping screws holding the headlight unit in place. Drop the hood down. Finally, start the car and check the headlights are functioning.

Necessary Precautions to be Taken

Here are the essential precautions which you should follow for quick replacement.

  • You should first purchase headlights that are suitable for your 2002 Ford Focus.
  • Place the retaining screws somewhere “safe.”
  • Don’t let anything (such as screws or lightbulbs) escape your grasp.
  • Never leave any tools lying around on a useful engine component.
  • Do not let oily fingers get in contact with the new bulb.
  • Also, try to avoid the seeping of moisture throughout the process.
  • Ensure the right orientation of the bulb.

Ford Focus Headlight Replacement Cost

The parts of the 2002 Ford Focus are easily available on the market. Ford is a popular brand, and that’s why there are various platforms from where you can purchase them.

The total replacement cost depends on the labor costs and price of the aftermarket headlamp parts. Since the 2002 Ford Focus is an old car, the price of the headlight replacement unit varies from $35 to $60. If you take your car to an automobile shop, you may have to pay between $50 to $100. But the price can go higher if you have severe accidental headlight damage.

Since headlamp replacement is an easy task, you can do it yourself and save on labor charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a replacement headlight for the Ford Focus 2002?

If you are searching for the right headlight for your Ford Focus, then follow this checklist.
➢Type of bulb
➢Color of the bulb
➢Power consumption of the bulb
➢Specific rules of the states

What tools do I require to change Ford focus headlamps?

You should keep moisture-free gloves, a flat-headed screwdriver, and a wrench for a quick and easy replacement procedure of Ford focus headlamps.

What are the main causes of Ford’s headlamps failure?

The basic reasons behind the failure of Ford’s headlamps are longer consumption hours, causing a reduction in power, rusting of wiring harness, and blown out fuse.

What is the replacement cost of the headlamps of the 2002 Ford Focus?

The cost of replacing the headlights of your Ford Focus can range from $50 to $80. It depends on the brand of the aftermarket part and also the labor cost.

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