How Can You Unlock the Steering Wheel Without Key?

How Can You Unlock the Steering Wheel Without Key?

A steering wheel is one of the vital components that play a role in your safety. It ensures you a fully controlled vehicle. It converts the rotational gestures into the real live movement of the car. However, for several reasons and continuous use, it can also get faulty just like any other part. Whenever you lock your car, your steering wheel gets locked too. And I guess we are all aware of that how many problems a locked steering wheel can create. But is there any way to unlock the steering wheel without key?

If case you have misplaced your car keys, then you might need any of these steps just to unlock the wheel. We are going to discuss downward when the steering locks itself and how you can unlock it.

A Few Ways to Unlock the Steering Wheel Without Key

how to break the steering wheel lock without a key

If you are facing a situation where your steering wheel is locked and you don’t have your keys, in that case you can easily unlock your vehicle’s steering wheel.  The appropriate approach to remove the ignition lock is to do it mechanically. On old modern cars, you can also break the steering wheel lock mechanism. But apart from these, what are the ways to unlock the steering wheel without key? Let’s discuss the possible ways out there.

Ignition Lock Removal:

This is probably the best and easiest way out there to unlock the wheel without a key or damaging any other part. In this way, you just need to remove the ignition lock from the steering assembly. A user may need basic auto-repair knowledge and some tools for the removal. You can access the ignition lock by removing the covers around the steering column. You will find many bolts that are holding the ignition lock in the proper place.

Steering Wheel Mechanism:

In some old-generation cars, breaking the steering wheel mechanism is a good and easy option. A user can easily do that by pulling the wheel hard. In this way, your steering wheel lock mechanism pin can also be broken. a steering assembly also contains the rack and pinion in a steering wheel. It helps the driver to rotate the steering to drive a fully controlled car.

But in generation cars, it can cost even more money. Internal steering issues can happen. And as the pins are enforced, they also can’t come out.

Spare Key:

Whenever you buy a car, the dealership gives multiple keys to the owner. So, in case you can’t find your current using keys, or if you have lost them, then you have a backup option. And that is your spare keys. Don’t attempt to put another key to the ignition, as it can cause more damage to your car.

Spray Wd40:

Sometimes, a user may face the issue that the key is not entering the ignition port. The reason can be dirt because of usage or solidification because of tumblers. In such cases, carefully spray WD40 to clean it up. After spraying this, wait for some time and then try to make the key enter the ignition port.

Compressed Air:

Previously we have discussed spray as a solution to this issue. But compressed air can also be a good option to resolve this. A user can normally spray some compressed air into the ignition port. Debris or dust can come out from the port.

Ignition Lock Damaging:

Another process in the list is to damage the ignition lock. Use a large screwdriver and a hammer; a user can destroy it. As soon as the pins get damaged. You will be able to turn the steering wheel.

These are some possible ways to unlock the steering wheel without key. But in which situations your car’s steering can get locked, let’s discuss that.

What causes a car wheel to lock up?

A car steering wheel can lock itself. Obviously, there are several purposes that the car wants to fulfill by locking it. The possible scenarios are:

  • Whenever you switch off the car and take the key out, the car steering locks itself for safety purposes. It does so that your car gets in a safe place. Any unauthorized activity is meant to be prevented.
  • It ensures your car’s movement. The steering wheel locks itself so that your car can not go anywhere by itself.
  • A steering wheel also locks itself if the battery dies or when you forcefully use the keys.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a steering wheel lock itself?

Yes, the steering locks itself. Whenever you switch off the ignition of your car and take the key out from the ignition, the steering gets locked.

Which is the best way to unlock the steering without a key?

Though there are a lot of ways by which you can manually unlock your steering wheel, you can just normally break the ignition or remove the ignition to unlock it.

How do I undo the steering lock?

If you want to do it with your keys, then you just have to put the key and turn the ignition on. But if you don’t have your keys, then you have multiple opinions like
WD40 or compressed air, damaging ignition, or ignition lock removal.

What is the cost of unlocking a stuck steering wheel?

Well, it completely depends on the complexity of the issue. Whether you are involving any professional or not. But, on average, the steering unlocking cost is between $150-$350. This may include all the accessories and the mechanic cost.

What to do if the steering wheel gets locked while driving?

In such kind of situations, there is no need to get panic. Blow your hazard light and headlight together and alert other drivers on the road. Then try to press the brake pedal slowly. Get a control on the car and stop it on the side. Then you should call a mechanic to address the issue.