How to Fix the Problem of Tail Light Fuse Keeps Blowing?

How to Fix the Problem of Tail Light Fuse Keeps Blowing?

The tail light is essential for safe driving. The tail light indicates drivers behind you about your left and right movement. However, there can be instances when you find that car’s rear light is not functioning. The tail light fuse keeps blowing. So, why does the tail light fuse keeps blowing?  In the following blog, we will find answers to the question. Apart from it, we will also dig into the ways to fix the problem of a blown-out brake light fuse.

Why Does Your Tail Light Fuse Keeps Blowing?

All automobiles are a fusion of many mechanical and electrical systems. Mechanical elements in a car are responsible for its movement, whereas the electrical parts of the car are also crucial for the operation of the vehicle. These electrical components are powered by a circuit that depends on a fuse, which essentially regulates the current.

A short circuit could cause a brake light fuse to blow out constantly. Your brake light fuse may have shorted out because a bulb inside it may have rusted to the point where it can easily cause a short circuit.

fix Blown backlight fuse

Usually, a wire or electrical component when pulls more current than it was intended to then the car’s brake light fuse blows immediately. It blows out to protect other components from the impact of the current.

It occurs due to a poor bulb in the tail light. Due to poor condition, it draws out excess current, causing the stop lamp to fuse. The problem with the circuit for the brake light may be a bulb that is so corroded that it is unable to draw the required electricity.

How to Fix Blown Backlight Fuse?

To fix a fuse of the brake light, the easiest approach is to have the electrical wires and circuits that the fuses are part of checked thoroughly.  It will help you to find out the worn-out wires, rusted parts, or joints that have carbon over them. Cleaning and repairing them can prevent the problem of the tail light fuse keeps blowing. Problems in taillight can be as silly as a poor terminal connection.

However, if the malfunctioning of the brake light fuse still persists, then replacing that component with a new one is the only option to resolve the issue.

It is advisable to use the correct capacity fuse. Replacing with a high-capacity fuse will draw more power from the car battery and can affect the other parts of the circuits.

How Much Does the Replacement of the Car’s Backlight Blown Fuse Will Cost?

Fuse for car taillight is important for smooth on-road driving. The car brake light with a blown fuse can be easily replaceable. Moreover, replacing a blowout fuse in a car is not that expensive. You can avoid labor charges if you are aware of the wiring harness assembly and know how to access the fuse box. Replacement becomes a quick task if you know which fuse is connected to which electrical part.

The brake lights’ replacement bulb is relatively affordable. It ranges from $10 to $100. The cost of the tail light bulb depends on the wattage, type, and car model.

If the fuse is blown out due to wearing, or rusting of wires, then it is best to choose a mechanic for replacement. The task can be complex due to the location of the fuse box.

Labor charges can vary according to the complexity of the job.

The cost of replacing the blown fuse cost also depends on the geographical location and the ampere capacity of the fuse. Basically, good quality aftermarket fuse cost ranges from $50 to $150.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the brake light function?

When the driver presses the brake pedal, the engine control unit relay signals to the electrical unit at the rear light, causing the brake light’s illumination.

Does each brake light have its own fuse?

Yes, the brake light has its own fuse. It is because different electrical parts require different capacities of current supply. So, when there is an overloading of the current, the remaining component remains safe.

What are the possible reasons for blowing of fuse for car lights?

The most probable reason for the malfunctioning of the rear light is dirty or corroded socket connections. Overloading and poor bulb condition are other reasons your tail light fuse keeps blowing

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