How To Replace the 2013 Honda Accord Fender?

2013 honda accord fender

While talking about a car’s parts, a front fender can’t be forgettable because of its shock-protecting nature. The front fender always protects the car from slow-speed crashes. The material can be plastic or soft metal. But the Among all the car parts, a fender is a well-known part of a car. The fender is the part that situates in front of the wheels. It frames the wheels and keeps mud away from splashing. We can also address it as the Wings and sometimes as the mudguard. These fenders on both sides of the front wheel are installed in Honda Accord also. If you are facing issues with your fender then let’s understand how can we replace a 2013 Hyundai accord fender?

How are fenders important in a car, and how can we replace them when needed? Get a closer view of this.

Steps To Replace 2013 Honda Accord Fender

A fender is obviously a very important part of a car as it protects the car from mud splashing or slow-speed crashes. If in case if it gets damaged, you should consider replacing it. For replacing a 2013 Honda Acord fender, you can just simply go for a professional mechanic, or all you can do is follow these steps to do it by yourself.

  • Unscrew all the nuts that are holding the front tire in its position using the tire tool.
  • Grab a jack and make the front end of the Honda Accord high enough to access.
  • In the next step, you have to remove the front tire. So just put the jack under the car and remove it.
  • Open the hood of the car and remove the bolts from the engine compartment. The bolts are holding the fender in position. Use a ratchet and socket tool for this step.
  • Remove the old fender and bring the new fender into its position
  • Grab a ratchet and socket tool once again. Tighten all the fender bolts again.
  • The front tire in the reserved place again.
  • Unjack the car and make it low to check if it’s properly placed or not.

Now the Honda accord fender replacement process has ended. You are good to go.

2013 accord fender

What Are the Roles of A 2013 Honda Accord Fender?

Nowadays, in many cars, fenders are installed in front of the front wheel. It generally stops mud, along with other sticky materials, from splashing to sticking to the outer surface of the tires. Fenders also give protection from low-speed crashes. But it bends or gets a dent after a little collapse. That’s why in many areas, a small accident is called a fender-bender. A 2013 Honda Accord fender plays an important role in daily driving.

A fender not only stops mud from splashing but also stops rocks or other road debris from getting thrown at other vehicles. That’s why sometimes, some large vehicles need to install fender flares. 

Fender also gives a frame to the wheels. It gives the car a full and exciting look. If any minor accident happens, the fender gets damaged.

From Where Can You Get a New Honda Accord Fender?

If your front fender is damaged because of any small accident or any other reason, then you should consider replacing it. For a new fender, you can get many sources. First, you can search for it in local shops. The second option is you can get a used fender from another existing user. Or you can just simply get it from any trusted online website that sells used car parts. But get it only when it is in good condition. Fender is directly related to your hood so you should have a proper hood arrangement for keeping your fender in good condition.

Cost of a New Fender of Honda Accord

The cost of a new fender of accord varies with a lot of factors. Honda fender replacement cost depends on the brand or the material type, the year, or the model of the car.  Well, if you want to replace a part of the fender, you will have to pay less, but if you want to have a new fender, that will cost you more.

Generally, a 2013 Honda Accord fender costs you around $100-$850. But, if you want to buy a new pair of fenders, you will have to pay around $300-$850. Just observe what you actually need and how much it costs. 2017 Honda Accord fender costs the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you replace a fender yourself?

If a person is a little bit experienced in auto-repair works, he/she can easily replace a fender. But if you don’t have any experience, then it can be tough for you.

How much does it cost to replace a new Honda Accord fender?

Well, it depends on many factors, like the brand, model, or manufacturer of the product. But it costs around $100-$850. If you buy a new pair, it will cost around $300-$850.

How long does it take to replace a fender?

(Excluding any beginner for auto repair work), In this case, if an experienced person handles this, it would take 3-5 hours straightly. 

Where is fender located in a Honda Accord?

A fender is located in front of the wheels or over the wheels. Typically, there are four fenders in a Honda Accord over the four wheels.  

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